Rural homestay

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Experience a dream residence

in one of the rural villages

of Alamut Valley.


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Walking on the

slopes of

the Alborz Mountains.
From Garmarud Village to Dinerud, Pichbon, Karvansaray and the North.
Also from Ovan Lake to Khashchal and Syalan Mountains.

The Sa’d al-Saltaneh Caravanserai

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The Caravanserai of Sa’d al-Saltaneh is a large Caravanserai located in

the city of Qazvin

in the Qazvin Province of Iran.
Built during

the Qajar era, this

caravanserai is one of Persia’s best preserved urban caravanserais.


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the Castle of Lambasser, the Evan Lake, the Andaj Canyons and the Alamut Castle.


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mountain biking

down to

Brajin Park, Zereshk

Slopes and Ovan


with our bikes.

Chehel Sotoun

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Chehel Sotoun,

a Safavid pavilion located in

Qazvin which stands amid gardens in the central square of the old city and in which the Qazv?n museum is installed.